My ultimate daily distractions

18 May

So – as many of us spend our free time searching our favorite site, Facebook, I have many other sites I must visit daily in order to get my virtual fill. I know this may seem to not have anything to do with Australia, I count on some of these blogs for some crucial tips that I will definitely carry with my down under.

Some of my favorite sites are blogs and as many of us are familiar with Perez Hilton, TMZ, etc., I love finding awesome blogs that are off the beaten path that offer a wealth of useful, creative tips.

Cupcakes & Cashmere : A great blog by a beautiful girl in California. She’s creative, utterly fashionable and an awesome cook. She shares all of her great fashion finds and delectable restaurant finds in the L.A. area. Her posted photos are lovely and of great quality, the edible creations literally jump of the page. She updates usually once a day – but this blog is a must see and should be added as a favorite on every budding fashionistas laptop.


Smart, Pretty & Awkward : The best concise daily dose of information to start  your day. Her daily blogs can be read in a matter of a minute and she provides very useful information. Molly Ford (the blogger) starts off with a great, short quote that either inspires you or makes you laugh. Then, she offers one tip on how to be smarter, another on how to be prettier and lastly a tip on how to be less awkward. The advice is very relatable and is usually very useful in your daily life.

My two favorites

Till then –

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